Rerailing using Flash Butt Welding, ARTC Hunter Valley

Project Description

The ARTC Hunter Valley corridor capacity strategy includes an ongoing rerailing program essential to ensure that the rail has adequate structural capacity to carry specified axle loads and to reduce the risk of rail breaks as defects in the rail occur over time.

Fundamental to the Hunter Valley Rerailing Project is the use of Flash Butt Welding (FBW) over aluminothermic welds as the preferred method for welded rail joints. FBW provides the highest quality weld, saves track time with a faster installation and has a longer life cycle compared to thermite welding, ultimately reducing maintenance costs over time.

ARTC engages a panel of rerailing contractors which are supported by Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) and our FBW activities. SRA have completed works with John Holland Group and are actively engaged with other partner contractors to provide support for ARTC rerailing projects into the future.

Project Stats:

  • Client | John Holland Group
  • Network | ARTC Hunter Valley
  • Timescale | Welds delivered over eight mains closedowns
  • Quantity | 150+ welds completed
  • Scope | Supply and operation of Doosan Mobile Flash Butt Welder (MFBW) and installation of rail welds by qualified welding staff
  • Conformance | Completed welds in conformance with AS1085 and applicable ARTC Standards
  • Installed Rail Welds | Qualified welds installed on Standard 60kg Head Hardened rail and VAE 350 Head Hardened rail
  • Project Value | Total project value to SRA was $300k
  • Completed | 2022


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