North East Line (NERL) Upgrade

Project Description

The North East Line (NERL) Upgrade was a high profile rail project delivered in Victoria to upgrade the infrastructure to standard gauge track and improve passenger services between Melbourne and Albury/Wodonga. The ARTC project included track resurfacing, drainage improvements and rail bridge upgrades. Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) played an integral part in delivering the tamping and regulation of the plain line. 

SRA were commended by the John Holland project team for their collaborative approach in delivering the resurfacing works on time with its strong focus on safety, quality and communication.

The NERL Project commenced in February 2020 and completed in April 2021, during which SRA successfully delivered the work using its Operator/Maintainer model that retains ownership around the tamping and regulating plant, accountability for resurfacing activities, maximizing the output to fully utilize all available track time, and resulting in value for money for the client. 

 “Special thanks to the team at SRA for the hard work that has gone in for over the past 12 Months. It was not easy during the COVID times with uncertainty of border closures all the time but well done. Thank you all for the support and hard work.” Ganesh Kumar | John Holland Project Manager

Project Stats:

  • Client | John Holland Group
  • Network | ARTC Victoria
  • Scope | SRA completed over 1,000km of Resurfacing (Construction Tamping and Regulating) delivered over 200 shifts
  • Project Value | Total project value was $235M, value to SRA was $5.4M


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